I Call This Post My Planning Session

A few weeks ago I shared that I’d better take full advantage of the month of August to plan for the new school year.


It seems that August really wanted to be spent doing other things.  I haven’t done much planning on my own but I have been to a slew of meetings (two, to be exact) and have thought about what the planning process would look like.  It would be real good.

Instead of planning ahead, I did spend much of August looking back and reflecting.  Some of it was awfully hard but most of it made me giddy.

Because, look!  I made TWO photo books from Shutterfly.

Okay, that only shows one.  And it’s the back.  But can you see it?  It says Ready for 2nd Grade?  Bring it On!

I made a book for Max’s kindergarten year and this one, obviously, for his 1st grade year.

And it was so easy and fun.  It got me excited about the new year.  That’s better than planning isn’t it?  Well, for someone like me who is SO feelings oriented, getting emotionally and psychologically ready for a new year is just as important.  (no, that’s not true.) (my reviewer reads my blog.) (I promise to plan soon.)

They look great on our shelf of books, don’t they?  See?  I have planned some things…I have bought the books.  They are sitting there ready to be opened.

Here’s the Kindergarten book cover.  I just love thinking back to the memory of Max dressing up like Indiana Jones (here it’s for Halloween, but he probably wore that shirt and hat every other day!)

If you noticed, I made a mistake on the cover of the book and typed the wrong date and didn’t notice it until it arrived today.  See, that is an educational lesson right there.  Always edit yur typng.

And a character lesson, as well.  It’s okay to make mistakes.  Press on, move forward, and get out that Sharpie to fix the error.

Hahaha, “hungry for more learning in 1st grade!”  What a knee slapper.  Thankfully, it actually did make Max laugh!  He’s my biggest fan, what can I say?

We know what a fan of Legos he is so I thought it was fitting to put this picture on the cover.

There are 44 pages in this book (!) and here a few pages from the inside.  I was very pleased with the quality of the book and printing.

I love that first day of school shot with him eating blue jell-o with marshmallows.  I surprised him with that snack.  I swear, Jell-o was this boy’s love language in 1st grade.

Wow, the fire picture.  This scary (but not as bad as it could’ve been) incident played a major role for us this year.  Max still jumps a little when any kind of beeping sound comes from the kitchen (from the toaster, the microwave, the oven, etc) and he is all about fire safety, man.  We’ve talked about the fire so many times.  It comes up almost weekly in conversation about how God answers prayer, how God provides, protects, or teaches us a lesson.  Definitely how God is forgiving and gracious.  It was a $20,000 restoration job from all the smoke damage throughout the house.  Praise God for insurance!

(for those of you who don’t know, I almost burnt down our house when I unknowingly put Mini’s plastic high chair tray on a hot burner then left to go outside with the kids to play with our babysitter’s new puppy.  I know.)

(then I scratched my cornea, which I’d done lots of times in the six months before, because of the smoke.)

(then I had a kidney stone.)

(what a year.)

More happy pictures, please?

Science experiments were all the rage in 1st grade.

Anything hands on, and didn’t require writing, was well-received.

Had to include Max’s photo documentary of Fluffy the Webkinz.  One of my favorite all-time posts.

And we can’t forget about Snowmageddon, which dumped a record-breaking 3 feet of snow.


2nd grade?  I’m planning for it to be just as awesome.

Minus the fire, scratched cornea, kidney stone, and all that snow.

Otherwise?  Bring it on!


4 thoughts on “I Call This Post My Planning Session

  1. LOVE IT! These books are awesome! What a great way to remember each year of school. Can’t wait to see the one for this year!

  2. I love those books. I use to paper scrap and just had to give it up a few years ago. I had the bright idea of doing 30pg books for ALL 12 kids in my class, stupid. I didn’t want to look at scrapping again, ever. I gave away and sold lots of stuff. I am trying to do Cole’s first year on blurb b/c it gives a little more in options, but of course options are time consuming. So of course I think I’ve gotten through November, when Cole was 6 months old, he’s almost 15 months. Ugh… Anyway.. I’ve done Shutterfly, Kodak and Picaboo books as well. Typically Shutterfly, but when Kodak or Picaboo run a special or have a great coupon, I do those too. I find it so much fun to have little books of a trip, birthday, whatever rather than just the pictures stuck in an album. It’s easier to whip those out than to do full blown year books too. Cole loves looking at last year’s Disney trip one and I make them for the beach trips too. FUN FUN FUN…

  3. No kidding; I just ordered a book today from Shutterfly! I’m so excited to get it!!! I love your books – they look SO good . . . and what a fun idea to do a book for every year and to take pics of work samples and all!

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