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We Went to the Animal Fair, The Legos and Toilets Were There

The excitement was building for days about going to the county fair.  Once again we made plans with friends to ride a school bus (exciting!) to the entrance.  Then, in accordance to tradition, we walked over to the display of decorated toilets, Lego exhibits, and the free face painting tent.

Is that a homeschooler standing on the seat? (where is his mother?)

At the children’s evangelism tent, Max asked for Sponge Bob (another tradition) and Mini wanted Winnie the Pooh.  She sat nice and still and listened to the story of Noah’s Ark for approximately 4 seconds before interrupting and getting all grabby with the paint brush.

I have to give credit to the guy who told the story and wasn’t the least bit distracted.  He managed to get her to look right into his eyes and keep her attention for the rest of 4 more seconds.

That’s all she had, though; 8 seconds to give until all the paint jars were tipped over and brushes went a-flying (where is her mother?).  Winnie the Pooh didn’t have a chance.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Finally, we made it to the animals.

And, most importantly, ice-cream.

I love the way she’s sitting in her stroller.

And I love ice-cream.

The end.


2 thoughts on “We Went to the Animal Fair, The Legos and Toilets Were There

  1. We went Friday night, which we knew was a bad idea. It was sooooooooo crowded. Madeline didn’t care about the animals at all. She only wanted to ride the rides. We didn’t leave until 11pm. I think we should go during the week next year. I forgot about the toilets too. 🙂

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