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Something told me that Mini was ready for painting.   So, in a very controlled environment, we got out the paint.

Very controlled environment:

1 single color washable paint.

1 paint brush.

1 very large piece of paper.

1 very large drop cloth.

1 very large smock.

I had every single thing under my control.  Well, except these 10 single things.


2 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Where are the pics of the finished product?? I let Cole water color paint today, twice 😉 I had a canvas that came in a pack I’d used for something else and a brand new pack of water colors. I held him in my lap and we had at it. We were both covered, both times. The first time he did great and loved rubbing the brush on there, seeing colors appear. The 2nd time he was getting tired and wanted to get up and run with the brush. It ended in tears, my fault for trying twice in one day. We’re gonna keep adding to it for awhile though, getting it covered and trying not to have runny mixed colors. Then I’m hanging it up 🙂 Can’t wait~

  2. Anna!!!! Holy Cow!!! I can’t believe how fast Mini is growing up! It seems like yesterday she was a little pea in a pod!! Very beautiful 🙂 I love how she’s rockin’ out the purple too!!

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