Caption This

Captions (and more words since I can’t seem to stop at just a caption)

The mission, on this rainy Wednesday evening, was to tire out the seemingly tireless 2 1/2 year old.

We need to buy a Fisher Price medical kit.

“Okay, but only if you promise me it will always be root beer.”

Preparing for the birthday party this weekend (and swooning over the handwriting).

{Yep, we are celebrating almost a month in advance for my own sanity.  September is going to be crazy so we struck a deal.  Chuck E. Cheese now with close friends, family only for the birthday.  He’s all over that.}

The two-different-shoe thing is definitely a thing.

Capitalism in a galaxy far, far away

Traditional chef hats are boring

Just when you sit down to creatively try to stretch the grocery budget this week, a friend calls.  She wants to share her abundance.  God’s little surprises taste so good.

The clip on tie makes the outfit


Blogging way too long.

{I took this picture for an idea I had in my head but now I can’t remember what I wanted to write about.}

{But isn’t her shirt cute?  Picked it up at Target when I was buying groceries (could be a reason my envelope was running out.  I can’t seem to stop multi-tasking when I’m there.  Cute shirts are categorized as groceries, right?)}


4 thoughts on “Captions (and more words since I can’t seem to stop at just a caption)

  1. Ok, these pictures cracked me up. 🙂 Love the one of Max with the rootbeer hat! (and…very interested in that chart on the wall behind him. is that for chores?)

    FUN Star Wars Monopoly! And I had to laugh at the clip on tie. Jacob came out of his room one day wearing this exact same outfit. I said, “When you have a button up shirt on over a t-shirt, you’re supposed to actually button the top shirt.” [This was obviously before I knew better. I was thinking old school – you know, like a t-shirt under a church shirt.] He replied, “But then you wouldn’t be able to see my tie!” 🙂

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