Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

This one is sweet.  We’re trying something new in giving Max (7) a devotional Bible that he can read on his own in his room.  Then we discuss the end-of-chapter questions with him.  So far, so good; it’s a great way to encourage the habit of having a daily quiet time, in addition to seeing if any spiritual conversations would be initiated by him.

One morning this week I asked him if he wanted to talk to God and he said, “sure.”  “Father God,” he began, “you are so wonderful.  You are the most important thing in my life.”


In a sort-of whisper he leaned over to me for reassurance. “Is that right?  Is he the most important thing in my life?”

There you go…quite an open door for a good conversation.


This one is just for laughs.  Mini (2) was flipping through a book about the first Christmas story and I overheard her say, “Baby Jesus” when she saw a picture of him swaddled in the manger.  Then she said, “He’s in his car seat.”

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10 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. Love these. 🙂 I love it when those conversations about God are initiated by our children. And cracking up about Baby Jesus in His car seat! 🙂

  2. What a blessing it is for these little ones to be instilled with these important truths at a young age 🙂 how sweet, beautiful, and wonderful. Very heart touching!!

    1. Gosh, I can’t even remember exactly but what I do recall is that we weren’t rushed. That was God’s grace right there because usually we are. I sat down on his bed and said something about what it means for God to be the most important thing…and that what we say in our prayers should match what is in our heart because God mostly cares about that. It was a precious conversation – Max has a tender heart about these things and it’s neat to see him understand more and more on his own.

  3. It is a VERY good thing that I was not drinking when I read this!! I will never see a manager scene in quite the same way!!

    And Max is making the parenting thing easy with those wide-open teachable moments! So sweet.

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