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She’s Two and a Half

We’re already at 2 1/2?  It is unreal how fast time is going!  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I held her little 5 pound 15 ounce little self – just a wee bit heavier than a bag of sugar – in my arms for the first time?

‘Round the clock bottles of formula in a hotel room in Colorado have given way to serving water with ice cubes in plastic cups without lids at the dinner table in Maryland.  A precious infant with chubby legs dangling from my hold while I loaded the dishwasher suddenly wants to be the one to rinse the plates.  A 1-year-old with a little pigtail sticking straight up toddling towards the window has now grown into the running, jumping, dancing 2 1/2 year old ready to go outside and play in the sunshine with the neighbors, whom she knows by name.

It’s going fast.  She’s changing so much.  When we look at books, now she is sitting still for longer periods of time and listening.  I point to a page and talk about what we see – using many more words than what the author came up with.  She still has no patience for when I actually read what’s on the page, which I think is funny and tiresome at the same time.  If she catches on that I’m reading, she’ll flip the page immediately or go back to the beginning and ask me questions about my version of the story.  If only I remembered what exactly I said!  No worry, she did.

Puzzles are becoming a favorite activity.  She loves her Wedgits, Duplos and MegaBloks and builds impressive towers with them.  She also loves drawing with markers – always asking for pink paper – and pleading with me to draw lollipops (no longer calling them pop-pops *sniff*) in every single color.  She is delighted with all the different colors to examine.  Especially when there are m&m’s to “glue” on with peanut butter.

If they make it there.

Her favorite toys right now are her big purple bouncy ball, any other ball she can throw at bullet speed, Little People, stuffed animals, dolls, backpacks, hats, tutus, purses, blankets, and, of course, Bunnies.

(by the way, Mike stacked those in perfect lines, not Mini.  I thought she was the one who did that and I proceeded to take a picture and post it on Facebook with the caption “is this normal?!”)  I thought she was an organizing prodigy or something. We were going to be flown to New York for a segment on the Today show. But Mike rained on my parade.)

Good thing we like the rain around here.  Mini is making sure we don’t forget to dance in it!


6 thoughts on “She’s Two and a Half

  1. Oh my goodness, all those bunnies crack me up. 🙂 She is such a cutie pie! It really does go sooo very fast, doesn’t it? My baby girl will be turning 10 on Saturday. TEN! It astonishes me so much I can hardly think straight.

  2. The 6 bunnies in her bed are too funny! Time needs to stop for just 1 minute. If she is 2 and a half that means I have been reading your blog for…a long time, even before Mini. She looks like such a fun little girl, of course she does have a big brother to learn from!

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