Sincerely Shredding

Week 11

2 pounds since my last post two weeks ago!

I’m at 144.2…just 1.2 pounds away from my 20 pound weight loss goal.  Do you think I can make it by next Thursday?

I’m SO proud of myself, ya’ll.  I know it’s cliche to say this, but I feel like a new person.  It’s not about what I see in the mirror, either.  Oh alright, yes it is.  55 days (give or take) of crunches, lunges, push-ups, and planks have improved my self-image.  But it’s also about feeling better, eating healthier (and liking it), having more energy, standing taller, smiling more, and not folding my arms in a certain way to cover what I’m self-concsious about.  Or not worrying if a shirt in my closet is going to be too tight.  At 10 pounds I started to feel this way and 18.8 is just icing on the cake.

Or sugar cookie, if that’s what’s in the house.

And they are…still in the house.  I’m quite proud of myself for just eating two cookies today.  I used this recipe calculator to figure out that each cookie probably has 94 calories (without the icing).  Not as bad as I thought.  I think it’s becoming a habit to portion-control everything and not go overboard.

I was thinking about habits today as I was driving home from a birthday party that Max and Mini were invited to.  It was at Bounce U, one of those indoor places with all the inflatable bouncers, slides, and obstacle courses.  I had a blast at the party with all the kids!  I participated and worked up a sweat, feeling so good about not standing on the sidelines and watching everyone else having fun.

That is a huge change for me.  I’m a habitual sideline-er kind of gal.  Or was.  Out of habit I would say “no thanks, I’ll just watch.”  But not anymore!  I’m still not the most coordinated girl in a sports bra, but at least all those planks and push-ups will serve me good to get up from the ground faster if I fall.

One thing I have to share before I finish this post.  When I picked up Max from Kung Fu tonight his teacher (Master Joe) asked me if I was getting into shape.  He invited me to begin training for my black sash.

It takes 10 years to earn your black sash in Kung Fu, but wouldn’t that be something?!


13 thoughts on “Week 11

  1. I agree – you look fabulous dah-ling! Way to go! (I’m trying to pretend I’m not jealous, and just be happy for you. 🙂 )

  2. Woo-hoooo! I say go for the black belt, girlfriend! I’ve always wanted to do that!

    (How nice for someone who makes a career out of fitness to notice!)

  3. Seriously – I love, love, love that he noticed that you have been getting into shape! That would have been all the encouragement I need for a year! And I also love that you didn’t just “sit by the sidelines” at the notion of getting your black sash . . . you’ve thought about it enough to actually mention it here! You go girl! I have never, ever wanted to do any kind of martial arts, but if I lived close enough I would march right in there with you to sign up today! 🙂

    1. It was so funny how he was ultra selective with his words. He said, “Mrs. S, may I pay you a compliment? I’ve recently noticed that you’ve (big hand gesture, hands wide apart) gotten smaller (hands coming closer together). How are you getting into shape? I told him about the 30 Day Shred and gave him the run-down (which is hilarious that I even tried to use fitness lingo with a Kung Fu Master). Then he invited me to try out a month of the training (2x a week) with a girl who would be willing to help me start off slow. I know what kind of intense training this is, this is a version of what Mike does and it’s a killer workout. It’s not do-able for me because it’s two evenings a week and our schedule is already so packed. But maybe one day…I seriously don’t want this to be a passing phase for me.

      Thanks everyone for your support and compliments. They mean the world to me!

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