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What August Has In Store

I have been looking forward to and dreading the month of August.  We aren’t starting our homeschool year until after Labor Day which means we have 5 more weeks of summer.  Yay, 5 more weeks of summer!  But these last weeks of summer better be spent wisely, as far as planning is concerned.  Boo, only 5 more weeks of summer.  How am I going to get everything ready in time?

At the end of August we get to spend another fabulous week in Hilton Head, SC with Mike’s family.  This will be the perfect end to summer, no doubt.  I want to leave for the week with everything already planned.  Wait.  That means I now only have 4 weeks.

There’s a lot for me to do!  I need to do more than just thumb through Max’s stuff (I’m teaching 2nd grade…yikes!).  I have to plan and purchase supplies for our co-op (I’m teaching 8 art classes for a group of ten 2nd graders…yikes!).  And I want to be ready to go for Sunday School (I’m co-teaching 1st and 2nd grade from September through November…yikes!).

I think I need to get started.

First, I need to take another nap.


3 thoughts on “What August Has In Store

  1. Hey! Do you know what you are doing for that art class? If not I can pass some ideas on to you; Bubba’s K teacher made a cool, cool book with the kids (each page is an art project). The projects were all basic art concepts, and she learned a ton! The projects are also ones that could be used for kids just a bit older with just a bit of modification!

  2. Wow!! August is definitely gonna be busy for you…hope you have time to get it all done. And if you don’t just remember things always change when you are homeschooling!

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