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Midnight Ramblings

I can’t sleep.  Well, I haven’t even tried to go to sleep but it’s useless since I took a two and a half hour nap today.

I can’t believe I slept that long.  And Mini did too.  It was blissful.

I subbed for the preschool Sunday School class in both of our morning services so I was wiped out.

We only had 2 kids in the first service.  But it didn’t matter.

God bless our wonderful preschool Sunday School teachers.

We are really thankful for them.  I was thinking about them all afternoon because I feel we got to know Max’s teachers quite well when he was at that age.  They showed incredible love for him.  He was (is) a handful in a classroom setting.

One teacher used to meet Max in the hallway and run up to him.  Max would practically body slam/hug him the minute they made contact.

It was wonderful.  Max KNOWS how much he is loved when people body slam him in the name of Jesus.

One teacher cries real tears when she talks about Max’s preschool days.  The good kind of tears!  She made him feel so loved.  She was one of the first adults he talked to after he asked Jesus into his heart. She would send him cards, which he loved.   One that is in the shape of a chocolate chip cookie remains tacked up to his bulletin board today.

This morning I taught a girl who reminded me a lot of Max when he was three years old.

I gave her a long bear hug (not really a body slam but served the same purpose for this sensory craving kid) and her mom and I had a nice talk in the hallway.  They are kinda new to our church.

I said, “I love her …. and, you know what?  I understand her because my son is very similar.”

I think her mom needed to hear that.  And I did too when Max was her age.

Heh, I need to hear it now.  Everyday.  Kids who are sensory craving – active, all over the place, silly, wild, etc, etc, etc – are different but they are incredibly special.

Some people don’t know how to love them because they don’t understand them.

They need a good body slam or bear hug to know they are loved.

Thank you, God, for SO MANY people at our church who make all children feel loved and special.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Ramblings

  1. My Joshua is like that too. In a few weeks, he will start preschool, and I will be praying for his teacher all day each time he goes! I never really thought about some kids as being sensory craving, but you are right!

  2. After I read the book The Out of Sync Child I knew that Max needed a daily “sensory diet” that included concentrated time of wrestling, wrapping up in a blanket, big bear hugs, etc. This info made those years a little easier. Praying for teachers will be a big help too! I hope Joshua loves preschool!!

  3. That Other Kid and Max have to get together sometime…they will body slam each other into the wide world of happiness! It is his favorite way to give hugs these days!! It’s nice that you have people in your church that understand how “real” kids act!

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