Stories about Emmie

A Tutu or Two

I was filled with happiness as Mini and I listened to music and danced around her room before naptime.  I think you can see how she is mega successful at stalling bedtime every day.  She can turn on the cute whenever she wants.  I mean, seriously.  I watched her put on two tutus all by herself.

I’ve been collecting pictures of Mini to show you.  They make me laugh so hard; she’s been a busy girl.

(sidenote:  paper towel holders are overrated.)


8 thoughts on “A Tutu or Two

  1. Two thoughts:
    How does she fit SO much cute into one little body? You must be overwhelmed with the cute factor constantly!
    Those piggy tails (in the stripey dress and lolipop picture) are to die for!

  2. Oh my goodness – cutest little thing ever! She looks so BIG in the pink and white striped dress! And….I agree about paper towel holders. We don’t have one either. Makes it so much easier to grab the whole roll when you need to! 🙂

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