Quiet the Getaway

Mike and I stayed a couple of nights in a quaint Civil War-era town called Harpers Ferry.  This was our first time staying overnight in a Bed & Breakfast so it was a little weird at first to feel like we were house guests in a stranger’s home.  But our room was private, spacious, and had a really cool sitting room off the main suite.  It offered a place to relax and…ahhhh….be quiet.

That was what we both needed this weekend.   With the exception of being jolted out of a deep sleep from the loud whistle from the nearby train, it was so quiet and peaceful.  Except Mike didn’t feel well which meant was he was a little too quiet at times.

(heh, did I just blare out a common difference between men and women?  Mike asked a couple of times what I was hoping for and I said quiet but what I really meant was conversation.  I know, women are so confusing.)

I’m giving him credit, though, because we had some great conversations.  A little looking back and a little looking forward to the future.  We walked around the old historic town, had lunch outside, went to the movies (Inception), then went again the next night (Salt), read books, ate the most delicious breakfasts, and just sat outside to look at the incredible view from where we stayed.

I thought one of the most interesting things about our getaway was the people we met at the B & B.  Each morning there was another couple at the breakfast table with us.  The first morning we met a man from New Jersey who owns a fire restoration company.  Small world; we just had a fire.

It was amazing to me how God orchestrated this for us.  Not only was it a nice ice-breaker, but my mind sat on the topic all morning.  As Mike and I talked throughout the day, I felt incredible gratitude for the ways the Lord protected and provided for us last year.  It seemed that 2009 brought one crisis after another.  It sparked (haha) many similar conversations where we just stopped to mention how God has been there, in the details, guiding us and working through whatever the situation in ways that were simply amazing.

You just can’t be quiet about that, you know?


One thought on “Quiet the Getaway

  1. Love the pictures! Sounds like just what the dr ordered for both of you!! Love the sundress!! So proud of you for sticking with it…and maintaining on any kind of trip is a major milestone!
    I started 30 day shred this morning…looking forward to getting myself shredded!!

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