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Have you noticed that Jeep Wranglers are making a comeback?

Is it just me or did Jeeps go out of style for a while?  Were sales down for, like, a decade?  Can anyone give me a fiscal report?  No?  Okay, then I’ll just say my opinion is fact: Jeeps were trendy in the 80’s slash Early 90’s then like other fashion trends, fell behind but are now making their way back into our hearts and highways.

‘Cuz I see ’em everywhere here in Maryland.  Every color.  My favorites are yellow ones (as a family we play this popular-in-our-weird-circle-of-friends-at-church game where you shout YELLOW CAR if you see one on the road and you get a point if you are the first one to claim it.  If you see a yellow Jeep you shout YELLOW JEEP and you get two points.  So yellow Jeeps are really awesome.  And they cause all kinds of outward expressions of love and charity toward one another.)

(By the way, you are welcome to join in on this game, it’s a free country.  The game is called, in case you need to know specifics, Yellow Car.  This cut-throat game will make car trips with your family pass by faster than you could ever imagine.)

(P.S.  Mini calls Yellow Car so often that Max once said, “Mom, Mini is like the girl who cried Yellow Car!”)

Anyway, my point.  Jeeps are a trend right now, no?  That’s nothing but cool in my opinion.

You know what else is a trend?  Mohawks.  Sometimes Jeeps and mohawks go together, sometimes they don’t.  All I know is there are a number of guys in our youth group who have mohawks and one guy who might as well have one because he drives a Yellow Jeep and he drives other guys with mohawks around in his Yellow Jeep.  While we yell out YELLOW JEEP! from our minivan and they all look at us with confused looks on their faces.

Max is definitely paying attention to the trends.  Not only does he love Jeeps, but he also loves himself a mohawk whenever he sees one.  He asked us if he could have one and we said, sure why not?  What fun is it to be a pastor’s kid if you can’t have a mohawk like all the other kids in the worship service?

I’ve come a long way from my Southern Baptist roots.


10 thoughts on “Trends

  1. Oh my goodness! Great mohawk, Max! And yay, Mom, for giving the go-ahead. 🙂

    Do you guys play slug bug? It’s like yellow car, but with VW bugs. When I was growing up, we would actually slug when we yelled “Slug bug!”, but my kids didn’t appreciate that aspect of the game so much. 🙂

    We also play a yellow car version, but we call it Happy Slap – learned that one from a friend of mine. Now we have all kinds of arguments over who saw it first and what actually counts as a happy slap (do tractors count? what if the car’s only half yellow? gold? flames?)

  2. My boy had a mohawk, a fauxhawk really, and at one point, even colored a little patch of hair on the front burgundy and then blue. But … because his hair is true black, neither took and the fade/fascination soon passed.

    In my opinion, there are so many times we need to, must say no, but hair needs not be one of them! (IMHO)

    And … why say no to cute? Does that even make sense?

  3. Haha! That is great. They come and go esp in little kids. I think its great to let kids mess around with their hair a bit. My oldest had a mowhawk for three days when he was 1 before I couldn’t stand it anymore and right now he’s 6 and is shaved bald like his daddy…yeah he begged me to do it! Good times!

  4. There’s a kid at our gymnastics place that has a bright blue mohawk. Little Man hasn’t asked for one yet, but I see it comin’!

    I just made my kids take a break from the slug-a-bug game for the summer, because they were making me nuts with it. Maybe I’ll tell them about the Yellow Car game when we start school again. At least there’s not hitting involved.

  5. You’re awesome for knowing it’s just hair, I’m not sure my anal self could let mine do that. We’ll see in a few years I’m sure. Then again as a teen I put the awful sun-in stuff in and turned my own some strange orangeish shade from it all. So who am I to say no? Interesting thoughts, Cole’s just 1 so I have time to ponder. He he he…. And I also loved the southern baptist roots statement, cracked me up. I live in the midst of mine I guess. What’s a girl to do?! .. Different post, but loved the museum pics too, looks like a great time. Wish we were headed up your way!

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