When the Blog Meets Real Life

A couple weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of hanging out with Katie again while her family was visiting from their hometown in Nashville.  Katie and I met through our blogs around the time Mini was born.  She and her husband adopted their kids, as well, and we have marveled over how we are leading parallel lives because our children are almost the same ages and have a lot in common.

We also marveled over how our older boys instinctively stood next to the other mom for this picture.

And how they instinctively showed up wearing the same outfit.

Max and D. hit it off as friends (we knew they would!) and we all had a great time buzzing around the Air & Space Museum for a few hours.  Katie and I tried to carry on a conversation but you know how hard that is with excited kids and toddlers!  She makes me laugh so much and I wish we could’ve visited longer – or even better, lived closer.  With Katie around you know life is going to be fun and goofy.  I hope the Nashville area appreciates what they have!

Here are some photos from our time at the museum.  What a fun day!


5 thoughts on “When the Blog Meets Real Life

  1. How fun to spend a day with a bloggy friend–especially since y’all have lots in common. Looks like the museum was tons of fun–and thank goodness for A/C!

  2. After traveling for fifty forevers, I am finally catching up on blogs… I had the best time with you guys. No matter how long in between visits, we seem to pick right up where we left off. Thank you for making the trip into town… I know this is a lifelong friendship we’ve got going. I’m blessed to know you. <3, K

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