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Mini Girl Time

This next week Max will attend another exciting week of VBS and Mini and I will have some morning time to ourselves, just us girls.

What to do? What to do?

Oh, I’ve got some things planned.  We’re gonna be wild on Monday and take some things to the dry cleaners.  The clothes have only been sitting in my van for at least 6 weeks now.  We might just take a ride next door to the Mobil and fill the tank, too.

On Tuesday, however, we have real plans.  Mini and I are going to visit Aunt Jen at work and meet all of her colleagues at the hospital.  Have I told you Aunt Jen is the greatest speech pathologist in the Washington DC area and the whole world?  Well, she is.  And we get to see where all the magic happens (we also get to pick up the cutest little sweater that she just knitted for Mini, too!)

And the rest of the week?  Hmmm.

I think we might just do a little shopping.  Because even though Mini is still high maintenance in a store, she has a lot more tolerance than Max does.  In Target she has been known to say unprompted, “I spy with my little eye…something….CUTE!” and “ooooh PINK!” while Max has whined, “Mom, are we gunna live here or what?? can we just go now???”

(rolling eyes) Boys.


4 thoughts on “Mini Girl Time

  1. Sounds like my kinda shopping buddy! PINK? My kinda girl. 😉

    Surprisingly, Jesse is FANTASTIC to shop with. He helps me pick things out, is honest about how it looks, holds my purse when I’m searching and patiently waits for me to finish in the dressing room. I’m very blessed.:)

    Hoping to see you soon. I miss you. ❤

  2. awe… and the girl time just gets better. Today there is shopping at starbucks (vanilla creme’s for her, of course) but someday there will be matinee’s, pedicures and banana splits…
    having a daughter is awesome. and it almost evens out when their over dramatic tendencies consume everything and make you ache to shove your head through a brick wall. 🙂

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