Welcome Home

Two weeks of single parenting is a long time.  Mike was finally coming home on Sunday night and I wanted the house to be inviting for his arrival.  It took all Saturday and Sunday for me to clean.  It was a total mess but I figured the weekend was the perfect time to focus on the job.


As I worked from room to room on the dark, rainy Saturday, Mini managed to keep me backtracking.  Coloring on walls, Sharpie on a wood table, squabbles with Max, Legos everywhere, potty accidents (yes, still potty training! and she insisted on wearing underwear!), and temper tantrums over the Swiffer.

*sigh* it was one of those days.  Did I mention that she refused to take a nap?  And couldn’t sit still for a DVD?  A book?  A snack?  Not the predictable day I was hoping for.

Excuse me for a second while I write a note to myself.

Dear Anna,

Your baby is two.

Best regards,

The Other Anna (aka Sincerely Anna…I know, there are a lot of Anna’s :))

My mom rescued me mid-afternoon and watched the kids while I made a mad dash to Target for some groceries and Magic Erasers.  Times like these call for a fresh pair of loving arms to wrangle an over-tired, active little toddler.  Grammy saved the day!

Sunday was much, much better as we anticipated the arrival of the team from Prague.  Happy moods and a long 3-hour nap for Mini made all the difference in the world.  We were ready to get this place into ship-shape for Daddy’s homecoming.

The afternoon/evening actually went by fast.  Before we knew it, the time was 8:00 and we were running to the car to get to the church on time to meet them.  All the sudden it was rush, rush, rush!

Didn’t even have time to shave.

That’s okay, Max was really proud to show off his facial hair to his dad.  After buying it at the grocery store with his own money, he waited until Sunday to wear it to church and then to show Mike.  As we waited for the church van to roll in the parking lot, he took a few minutes to check himself out in the mirror of our car.  Just to make sure it looked perfect.

Ohhhhh yeah.

Meanwhile, Mini was in the backseat getting a little impatient for that van and wondering why on earth Max was allowed to get out of the car while she stayed strapped in?

I took her out of her car seat.  I could tell she and Max both needed to get some anxious energy out.  Daddy would soon be home, it was so exciting!

And here he is!

I didn’t get a picture (woulda been blurry anyhow), but Max got the reaction he was hoping for about his mustache.  Mike’s a good dad like that.

And I’m so glad he’s HOME!


7 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. LOL I have to remember that line when I tell this story one day after he’s old enough to grow a real ‘stache. I’ve got so many stories for his future fiancee! He cracks me up!

  2. Hahaha – Max cracks me up! I can totally relate to your Saturday – seems like I have those days often (even without a two year old!) Glad Mike is home safe and sound.

  3. I almost missed the “Welcome Home” SIGN hanging from the ceiling. Makes me smile that you are carrying on the family tradition!

  4. Sorry it took two attempts to get everything ready for Mike’s homecoming. Days like your first one make me want to scream Do Over, but glad the next one was better.

    I think it was Max’s mustache.

    Hooray for Mike being home!!

  5. It is so hard to believe how fast the kiddos are growing up!! Max is definitely a Stud and Mini is as cute as can be… Loving the pics! 🙂

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