4th of July

This was the first time I’ve celebrated the 4th of July without Mike and because the holiday is sentimental for us (our relationship began on July 3, 1995, and he proposed during the fireworks one year later), I really missed him. Knowing Mini would be a basket case over the loud noises, she was my main excuse to stay home from the fireworks this year.  But I was feeling a little melancholy in the evening anyway.

Max was able to go with his buddies but I got in my pajamas early and watched borrowed episodes of Reba on DVD with a bowl of popcorn and some colorful m&m’s thrown in.  And that was fine with me.  It was actually a very nice way to end the night.  The m&m’s melted just a little bit.  Sweet and salty perfection.

Our afternoon on July 4th was perfect, too.  We spent time with good friends at their pool and my friend Becky was there with her husband and sweet baby, Avery.  Becky is expecting #2 so we had lots of fun talking about babies and thinking back to the days when we worked together before we became moms and didn’t have stories about poop to share.  (I guess our conversations at work never got that personal.  Somehow when it’s your kids’ poop, it’s perfectly acceptable to bring up in conversation.)

She is such a good friend and I so wish we could live closer and watch our girls grow up together.  But she is only a few hours away and I can’t wait to plan a weekend when we can really spend a lot of time hanging out like we used to.

Here are some pics from our day at the pool.


2 thoughts on “4th of July

  1. Glad you had fun with your friend(s) and got some pool time in too. So sorry about missing Mike during an anniversary of sorts, but like you said, at least there were M&Ms and popcorn. 🙂

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