Hands up, OHHH-ohhh (your turn to do the echo)

The cousins had so much fun together.

The sisters did too.  (We did run…I made it a half-mile, that’s all I could do.  I walked until Valerie was finished…I was crazy sore for two days.)


This little firecracker had us laughing a lot.

This little Bunny put Energizer to shame.

My nephew got to spend some one-on-one time with Grammy while the younger kids went to VBS.

Vacation Bible School was at our home church where our family attended until I left home for college.  In between trips to the Apple store, Valerie and I hung out with some old friends in the same lobby where many of our high school memories were made.  I had a hard time believing I was now standing there as a 35 year old dropping off my 1st grader at VBS.

As shy as Max is, I sure hope he came out of his shell and had fun.

I’m pretty sure they all had fun!

One of our friends swore my niece was my own daughter (and the spitting image of me as a kid).

Funny thing is, Valerie says her personality and tendency to be a “dreamer” and a “creative soul” is most like mine.

She rolled her eyes when she said that 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cousins

  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun week! Smiling that your sister’s name is Valerie. 🙂

    Heard you guys are having some Texas-size heat up there, while we’re oddly enough in the 80’s this week. Stay cool!

  2. Correction: That should read, “I made it a half mile, and I rocked that half mile!” 🙂

    My first time running (I was even on a treadmill) I couldn’t have run a half mile . . . or probably even a quarter mile!

    Great job – sounds like such a fun week!

  3. I would LOVE to know that cowboy’s name with Max and the horse. HELLOOOO! Shh… don’t tell Jesse I said that. lol 😉

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