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Five for Friday

1.  Life is busy right now – trips to the pool, blueberry picking, and all the other outings that make summer so much fun.  It’s a good kind of busy.

2.  However, we also feel the crunch that is common right before a big ministry week.  Mike has been jam-packing 3 weeks of studying, papers, and a final into this last week before he leaves for another trip to the Czech Republic.  Seminary, ministry duties, a new summer Bible Study for the high school group, and planning to take a team across the Atlantic for 14 days make student ministry challenging, especially on the family front.  But here is a praise – God has been so good in allowing us quality time in spite of the hectic schedule.  Maybe even more than most weeks, ironically.   Plus, we see the Lord working in a lot of different areas right now in our church which brings excitement and a sense of greater purpose to everything.  Thankful for smooth times like this.

3.  Max and Mini are loving the pool.  Max is swimming on a “pre team” which means 4 days of practice and no requirement to swim in a meet.  Can I hear an amen?  I hated the swim meets last year with a passion.  It was tiring to keep Mini entertained and also make sure Max was where he needed to be (not always an easy task!)  I’m not sure how much Max really got out of being on the swim team – his main goal was to collect one ribbon in every color, which speaks volumes about his competitiveness for first place.  Plus, the coaches were horrible.  They yelled at the kids and basically gave no instruction whatsoever on how to improve.  This year, however, we switched pools and he is getting excellent one-on-one instruction four times a week and there’s no pressure to race.  As long as I supply some chips and candy every now and then, it’s a win-win for both of us.

4.  Next week my sister and her kids will be coming for a week and all the cousins will get to attend VBS together at our church where we grew up.  I’m so excited about that and I’m sure the first week of Mike’s trip will go by faster than the second! By the way, my sister is a runner and when I said last week that I wanted to run around the lake to see if I could make the distance, she took me seriously and is gonna make me do it. Yikes.

5.  These pictures of Mini make me smile.

That’s all.  How was your week?


4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Mine’s been CRAZY!!! Father’s Day last weekend, David’s B-day this weekend, with teaching VBS and a TON of baking sandwiched in between. Now back to rolling out those cinnamon rolls…

  2. Glad y’all are having a good kind of busy–and seeing the blessings it’s bringing.

    We need to go pick some fruit soon–it’s been on my mental to-do list but gets shoved to the side when I think about the heat and the mosquitoes. I am a wimp. Mini looks sooo excited with her pink bucket. Did she eat more than she put in the bucket?

    Enjoy your sister’s visit, I hope it soothes any rampant Mike missing while he’s on his mission trip–or at least distracts it.

  3. Wow ya’ll are packing alot into your summer! Praying for a great trip for Mike and a fun visit with your sister.
    Let me know how your run goes. I ran on the treadmill today, for 1 minute burst for a total of 5 minutes. First time in YEARS I have run! I have to say it was kind of fun in a challenging, invigorating way!

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