Stories about Emmie

The Sound of His Keys

They rattle a certain way before he opens the front door and she immediately recognizes it.

If he comes in right after she gets out of the tub, well then you can forget about her getting dressed before scooting down the stairs to greet him.  Buck nekkid.

Actually, truth be told, only seconds before the jingling of his keys were heard, Mommy was chasing her down to put on a pull-up for the night.

Literally.  Chasing her down.

There was laughing.  Then a tantrum.  Then a…the keys!  Daddy’s home!

And who did she happily put on a pull-up for?  Immediately?

Yep, you got it.  Daddy.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?  Daddy holds the key.  (or is it the other way around?)

(pic taken last year; it’s become one of my favorites.  Remembering his face when he woke up to find all those bunnies covering him makes me giggle.)


2 thoughts on “The Sound of His Keys

  1. My boy, who loves to watch Mini videos when you post them, and I saw Toy Story 3 today and at one point, he leaned over to me and said, “Mom, Bonnie reminds me of Mini.” He was right.

    Such a good movie. By the end I was sobbing. My boy is 17 and while he has a year to go before college, so many of his little toys now belong to others including his Woody and Buzz Lightyear and all of a sudden it grieved me that I didn’t save everything. (All while wondering where we would put them!) By the movie credits, I was nearly hyperventilating and after planting a kiss on my cheek, he started to laugh. The harder I cried, the harder he laughed. It was one of the best afternoons of my life…

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