Sincerely Shredding

Week 4 – with pictures

Dear Friends Who Love Me No Matter What,

Here is The Official Before Picture (May 16, 2010)

Oh gracious.  Why didn’t anyone tell me I got so puffy.  Okay, I’m glad no one told me.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be smiling so goofy!

Honestly, I didn’t think I looked that bad until I saw this picture.  But I felt sluggish.  And, well, yeah.  Puffy.

Anyway, that same week I wrote out my feelings and started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred dvd.

Which just about killed me.  And it was Level 1.  But today I made it to Day 24 and I finally stepped up to Level 3 this week.  I still think I’m going to die but it’s usually on the third circuit not the first, so that’s a lot of progress.  There’s a joke I read on a blog (sorry, I couldn’t find it again to link) that I love:  “If there was a Level 4, then it would include a coupon for 30% off a coffin!”

Isn’t that the truth?

Anyway, I asked Max to take a picture of me yesterday and thought I’d share it with you.  I’m celebrating the return of my collarbone.

Oh, plus I’ve lost 2.6 more pounds this week!

Sorry for the grainy cropped photo.  Max was in a silly mood.  The real picture looks like this.

Yay, I’m gettin’ there!

Here are my stats:

Starting Point (Day 1 of the 30 Day Shred) – 163

Week 1 – 160

Week 2 – 158.6

Week 3 – 156.4

Week 4 – 153.8

If you want to read more about how I’m losing the weight, click on the category Sincerely Shredding at the bottom of this post.  Or you could skip that and I’ll just tell you it’s the back-to-basics way: a balanced diet and exercise.   I’ve managed my weight in the past with journaling and portion control but I’ve never been faithful with daily exercise.  Or if I did exercise, I’d think I was entitled to a big, fat cheeseburger afterwards.

I’m a huge fan of the 30 Day Shred and Jillian Michael’s “system.”  This workout is intense but it’s only 20 minutes and it’s effective.  I’ve lost inches and I would love to tell you where but I don’t feel comfortable saying the word bust out loud.

Oh.  Um.

Anyway, in conclusion, I love my online food journal (I use the free MyPlate version) and I am loving exercise for the first time in my life.  Thank you, Jillian Michaels.

This week my challenge is to keep going with the Shred each day (excluding Sunday) and track my calories/make healthy choices so I can keep up with a 1-2 pound loss each week (my goal is 20 pounds).  I also want to see if I can run the distance around our lake (about a mile).  You have no idea how weird it is to type those words coming from me!

Thank you all for your encouragement the past month!


P.S. I can do 4 manly-man push-ups now.


12 thoughts on “Week 4 – with pictures

  1. I had no idea that picture made you feel that way. I’m so sorry. I thought you looked beautiful in it But, you are looking great. 10 Pounds!!!! That’s amazing. I am really disappointed in myself now for not sticking with it. There’s still hope. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, and Madeline LOVES to watch movies of Mini too.

  2. I think you are beautiful in BOTH pictures–seriously, your smile lights up the room–or the outdoors since you are outside. But I know what you mean about not realizing changes until you see certain pictures and then your world crashing around your feet.

    Or maybe that’s just me.

    You are doing a FANTASTIC job with your workouts–level 3–I never even peeked at level 3–so YAY! And YAY for 4 manly man push-ups!

  3. Yay! I’m so proud of you!

    But did you really mean bust? That is the LAST place I’d like to loose inches, sister! The place I’d like to loose starts with the same letter and ends with the same letter, oh, and even has the same vowel . . . but it’s SO not the same. 😦

    And level three – you’re amazing. Never gone there.

  4. Oh, and I meant to tell you: Here’s my little mental trick for running a new distance. When I reach that point where I feel like I’m going to die, I start saying to myself, “I’m still running. I’m still going. I’m still going.” It might still hurt, but at least I focus on my progress and not the pain so much. And usually, if I fight it out, I reach a point where it’s not so bad.

  5. GO ON! You are inspiring! I lost the committment after I got back in jeans, butI feel the weight creeping back since I haven’t been exercising. I began running again this weekadn hope to pull out that shred DVD again soon. This is a good encouragement to do so!

  6. So proud of you for sticking with it!! You are doing awesome!! It is a GREAT, AWESOME workout!! I think I need to find myself 20 minutes a day and start it over again. I have really slacked over the past month and haven’t done any exercise and my weight has been increasing, energy level decreasing, etc. I need to kick it into high gear and start my metabolism again!

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