Stories about Emmie

28 Months

Dear Mini,

Today you are 2 years, 4 months old and while they say the 2’s are “terrible” I couldn’t disagree more.

No, wait.

Dear Mini,

Today you are 2 years, 4 months old and you are in the midst of the Terrible Twos.

It’s not like you act terrible, though.  Not at all.  You are joyful, curious, and intent on having a good time in whatever you have set your mind to do.  All those things are character traits that I love about you.  But, right now, at 2 years old, you want to run the show.  And usually I let you because, gosh, it is so entertaining to do so!  But when Mommy doesn’t think it’s a good idea for you to stand up in the grocery cart seat (what seat belts??) or throw toys across the room (man, you’ve got some kind of arm!) we have turbulence.

So really, you are not in the Terrible Two’s.  You are in the Turbulent Two’s.

We usually get over the bumps, you and me, just fine though.  You know that your mama follows through and you certainly know the power in your daddy’s stern voice.  It surprises you and probably fills you with nervous butterflies when you hear it, making you instantly cry out “I need Mommy!”  You are no stranger to folding your hands in your lap on the first step where Time Outs and (gasp) No Bunnies Allowed For Two Whole Minutes help you along the way toward learning obedience.  As hard as those two minutes are, you always seem to survive and you love the part when you get to tell me why you were punished, say sorry, and give out dramatic hugs and kisses (and get Bunny back).  Forgiveness is wildly satisfying for both of us.

So what else are you doing at 2 years, 4 months?  You are pretending to go to work at the library (hmmm, something tells me you’ll need a much more, um, talkative career path when you’re older, but for now that’s what you do.  You also love setting up Little People, playing with cars, and calling me over to watch a car race across the basement floor.  You love being in the basement because that’s where Max usually is playing Legos and it makes you so happy to be around him.  But you also get a lot of joy out of walking up and down the stairs of our townhouse, too.  Usually you’re looking for me, but sometimes you thought of a certain book or toy that you wanted to bring downstairs.  You get a lot of exercise going up and down those stairs!  Of course, you do love to exercise anyway.  Even with Mommy when she’s Shredding.

Mini, I love you so much and am so thankful for each and every day I get to spend with you.  I am so blessed to be your mommy!


5 thoughts on “28 Months

  1. So sweet! You are such a great writer. I love reading your posts. You have some great taste as well. Madeline has that pink top in the first picture. And I know Mini and Madeline have other outfits that are the same and had the same pacis and sippy cups.

  2. Thanks Naomi. I know, it’s so funny we are so much alike in our tastes for our girls! The outfit on Mini was given to her by Anna (her birth mom) and I love it. She has great taste too 🙂

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