The Last Upload From My Camera

I think it’s funny to upload my pictures when I’m not sure what’s on my camera.  It’s like opening a grab bag of who-knows-what and remembering some things from just the last few days that, without the camera, would’ve been forgotten.  You know, the little everyday things.

For instance

I tried something new this week with Mini’s snacks to get her to stay in her chair longer.  The days of walking around with a baggie of snacks are over.  An unfavorable combination of ants and I’m-not-paying-close-enough-attention has brought the issue to light.  So Mike I thought it would be best to enforce the snacking at the table law from now on.

Anyway, the muffin tin worked.  She loved it and it provided a little playing with her food, too.  We’ll work on that habit later, one thing at a time right?


My omelet skillz are improving, wouldn’t you say?  Proud of me?

Remember how it looked the first time?


This sums up Mini’s personality rather well.


And this one is Max to a T.

So is this.


3 thoughts on “The Last Upload From My Camera

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing the link…I’ve never seen that blog before. I just heard this tip somewhere and the idea of making food fun seems to be a good one (although scattering raisins and pretzel nibblers in a tin is about as fun as I get). I’ll have to go back and visit for some inspiration!

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