Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom

Other Skills Acquired by Motherhood

I have learned the value of a cardboard box, a paper plate, and a metal fastener.  We’re talking hours of entertainment.

I have also learned the skill of keeping the camera in hand to capture big moments in my child’s life, like taking the final test to earn his next sash in Kung Fu.  The final test is the most fun to watch – when Master Joe holds the plywood board in his hand and they kick it into (hopefully) two pieces.  CRACK!  It’s a really cool sound to hear and everyone is waiting in anticipation for it.  A perfect opportunity to use the skill of taking a video to capture the moment.

Unless you’re like “oh, uh, oops, duh, what button do I push again?” and miss the crack of that board being kicked into two (or three, as the case may be).  But that’s okay, you’ll still get the next part on video that will make you laugh afterwards.  I don’t think they usually salute in Kung Fu, but this acceptance of his orange sash is done in true Max fashion.

I’ve also acquired the skill of being awfully proud of my favorite men (Mike earned his orange sash, too)  Congratulations!


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