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So Far, So Good

Right now our pool doesn’t open until late afternoon and swim team practice for the younger kids hasn’t begun.  We’re in that 3-week bliss between not much and nothing at all on the calendar during the week.  The weekends, by contrast, are in full swing with graduation parties, award ceremonies, and other end-of-year celebrations.  But on weekday mornings, when school at the kitchen table (or living room floor, Little Tikes table out on the deck, blanket laid on the grass, or wherever we did it) took precedence only a week ago, we’re finding ourselves going at a nice, leisurely pace and loving every minute of staying in our pajamas ’til noon.

This morning we played and I got down on the floor with my kids and it felt so good to just be there with them.  We laughed, imagined, and made a huge mess.  There were no “hurry ups” and “not nows” and “maybe laters.”  I’m already enjoying this break from school so much.


I feel that this year has ended very well.  We finished most of our work. We left a workbook or two incomplete but I honestly think it doesn’t matter.  I gave Max a placement test for math and I was happy with the results and I’m seeing him sit down on his own time to read chapter books.  I love that he likes to discuss them, too, and can articulate his point pretty well (which is more than I can say for myself).  He flew through certain parts of the curriculum such as reading comprehension and logic puzzles and solved all 60 cards in the game, Rush Hour, in less than a week.  When’s he’s interested in the material, watch out.

But most of all, I see a boy who has more self-control than he used to, a kid who is self-motivated to do chores and earn rewards for good behavior (which is sooo hard when your mind is “going fast,” as he says, and there’s just so much to do and say!)  Yeah, I also see the growth and maturity that has occurred this year in a boy who may not be the quietest on the block but has a gentle spirit and soft heart for others. Whatever frustrations came down the pike this school year, I can name four times as many successes.  I still feel like homeschooling is right for us and allows Max to learn according to his style and at the pace he needs (sometimes fast, sometimes slow).  I’m thankful he has lots of friends and social opportunities to be with a diverse group of kids, too.  It seems like we have the best of both worlds right now…so on to 2nd grade we go.


But back to the summer.  Yep, we’re already enjoying it and plan on soaking it up every single day.


4 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. You gotta love a girl that looks dynamite in a bathing suit, has a different snack in each hand and can hold on to a sippy cup all at the same time.

  2. Great way to summarize your school and summer in one post!! Keep having fun, cuz that is the most important part of these days of “having nothing to do”!!

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