Last Day of School

We ended school on Friday and had a make-shift 100 Days celebration since I missed it in the winter.  I had grand ideas but not much of a plan.  Yet, thank goodness, Max was still excited over every little thing.  I love that kid and his excitement over every little thing.

We counted the days from Saturday to Labor Day, which was exactly 101 days (hey, close enough to 100!) and made a banner for the kitchen.

We started out to make a list of 100 things, or rather 4 lists of 25 things.  The first list was 25 things to do during summer and the second list was Max’s 25 favorite things, right now.  I learned a lot about him making that list, i.e. his favorite thing to wear is his red shirt that says Kaboom! and his favorite TV show is iCarly (sorry, Mike…although he did say America’s Funniest Videos is a close second) and his favorite song is the theme song from the cartoon Avatar.

He always has been a fan of theme songs.  Funny.

Our time making this list was fun but cut short because we had an important 100 Days errand to run before meeting Dad for lunch.  So, we only got to 50 things.  But hey, you know what 50 is?  Half of 100!  (that’s how I roll)

Our important errand was to, none other than, the Dollar Store.  We’ve taken a hiatus from Dollar Store goods in the past few years so the toys are, once again, appealing even if they do break in the first five minutes.  Max bought a police set with handcuffs and some little law enforcement figurines with his own two dollars (or as he said, two hundred cents plus twelve for tax).  He was a happy camper and I do believe we made ourselves a memory.

We picked up Mike and went to Burger King to celebrate the end of first grade.  This was the first day that I started using a free online food journal so I skipped the french fries.  Do you free online food journal, too?  It helps me a lot in the face of danger, i.e. the fast food counter, to know that I’ve got to put that entry in later.

Anywho, we’ve said goodbye to school for a while and we’re now enjoying the nice, unstructured part of summer when mornings are free and life is a little more creative.


One thought on “Last Day of School

  1. Hey Anna,

    When we’re logging our calories, we use a program called FitDay. They have a free online version too, but we bought the program. We love it. It cost us $29.95 5 1/2 years ago and it records food, exercise, measurements, etc. You can even input your own recipes that you use frequently. It’s been worth every penny. Plus we can see all the ups and downs of our exercise, calories and weight (mostly up for me lately) for the last five years. Good for you for recording it. Accountability (even if it is a computer) really makes a difference! I’ll join you come October!


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