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Five for Friday

1.  I missed the chance to throw a party for myself, can you believe it?  I missed my own blogiversary this year on March 21st.  But since this is May 21st I thought I’d go ahead and toss some metallic confetti in the air or something.  Weeeee, there it goes.  So sparkly (pronounced spawk-a-wee, just like Mini says it).  3 years of blogging!  800 something posts.  Wow.  My little man was only this big when I started blogging:

And now look at him

2.  Max is finishing up his 4th year in Awana and received a patch and a key chain last night for completing his book.  Max has been asking for his own house key for a long time (because you know how often 7 year olds need their own key when their mom is always home) and today was the day that we got him one.  It only took 30 seconds after I bought the key that I realized…oops, we’re about to replace our front door and get a new lock next month. Oh well, the proud look on his face was worth the $4 for a key with m&m’s on it that will soon live in a junk drawer.  I think.

3.  Going back to spawk-a-wee, Mini picked out her shoes today, as she does everyday, and went for the glittery silver ones with her denim shorts.  Perfect for taking a ride with Old Bunny, Other Bunny and Pooh.  If only Mommy would hurry up and open the door so they could climb in.

4.  Look who read my blog and found out that I can make these?

5.  We stayed for Mike’s Kung Fu class tonight and I got a reality check of what a real workout is.  I was sitting there imagining myself in that class.  Oh my word, I would be on the floor!  My exercise program doesn’t look anything like that!  Of course, pumping gas for my minivan and lifting my spoon from a hot fudge sundae is probably the extent of my exercise program.

The worst part is, Mike says the class isn’t much.  It’s the pre-class workout, where he spends more than an hour in the back room with all the punching bags and where he does his cardio that is the real deal.  But here I was thinking the martial arts warm-ups, formations, and other stuff (sorry to offend) that the class does together looked pretty dog-tiring in and of itself.

I’m just going to fast forward and tell you that after this observation I drove home feeling quite pitiful.  A step on the scale that showed a number that I’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE made me feel even worse.  And GASP!  Mike walked into the bathroom at that moment, too.  He saw the number!  Mike is wonderful, he has never (and I mean never) criticized my weight or fitness level, which have never been great.  (the weight and fitness level, not the fact that Mike is a gentleman.  I like that part.)

But now I feel like such a blob compared to him.

I decided that life is about to change for me.

What I am saying, bloggy friends, is this.  The Shred DVD was put into the DVD player tonight.  And Max had already gone to bed.

So there.  I’ve made my last hot fudge sundae for a while (and will have to do more cutting back than that, believe me) but I hope this dvd kicks my butter into gear and I find a love for exercise and shred a few pounds as a result.  I did not find that love on Day 1, but I promise to do it again tomorrow.  And hey, when I weighed myself after working out and before taking a shower, I had already shredded .4 pounds.

I know it’s probably just the clothing.  Wait a minute?  I swore clothes weighed at least 5 pounds.  Oh, this is going to be hard!


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. Sometimes, like today, when I read your blog posts, I laugh outloud. My girls always ask me what I’m laughing about.

    Good luck with the Shredd! I think I’ll be joining you in October!

  2. YOU can do it Anna!! The Shred is HARD but VERY worth the results!! I think I’m going to try to dust off the dvd and do it, too. I really need to start exercising again, but finding the time is really difficult right now. The thing about the Shred is that it only takes 25 minutes, so it’s not all that time consuming…of course you are a sweaty mess afterwards and that adds to the time frame!

  3. A couple of years ago Caleb, too, just HAD to have a key to the house. And now he’s been begging for a key to the car. A line has to be drawn somewhere!!

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