Student Ministry

Salt Sunday

I was a proud mom as well as a proud youth worker on Sunday.  Our church designated last week as Salt Sunday and after a short time of worship, we broke up into groups and headed out into the community to roll up our sleeves and volunteer.

In Salt Sundays past I’ve visited a nursing home and worked in the nursery at the church.  This was my first time going to a landscaping project, helping to spruce up the grounds of a nearby hospice.

Max was really excited to go, too, and get his hands on the garden tools.  He was particularly fond of the rake and shovel.  Not so careful as he walked around with them, but excited nonetheless.  A couple of dads took the time to engage him in planting or raking and he was a good apprentice.

There were a few dozen of us there to help and we finished a big job in less than a couple of hours.  We had a big showing of teens, which made me smile too.

Thanks to my friend Naomi, I got a few pics to share.  I actually forgot my camera at home, can you believe it?


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