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Two and a Quarter

Yesterday Mini turned 27 months old and I stopped to think about how much has changed since this time last year.  Last May, at 15 months, she was in her pre-language scream phase.

Who me?  A screamer?

Yes, you, sweet thing.  An out-of-nowhere screamer.  My ears and I are glad those days are behind us.  Now she has hit those important developmental milestones and the sudden high-pitch screams to get Mommy’s attention have given way to speech.  Ah, beautiful non-screaming speech.

And there’s quite a bit of speech goin’ on.  Oh, yes sir.  She talks, talks, talks, all day long.  There’s not a single quiet moment unless she is napping or watching a video in her high chair.  I haven’t yet been successful with her watching a video downstairs on my lap on the couch because she gets up and starts talking.  (not the purpose of said video.)

But I do enjoy this constant talking stage very, very much.   I think I can understand most of what she is saying.  Her mis-pronunciations keep us laughing like calling pretzels “pitzels,” spaghetti “paskatty,” and our friend Mrs. Marcello “Ms. Celery.”  I also love that she still says “hold juu?” when she wants me to bend down and scoop her up in my arms.

At this age, she still won’t sit long in my lap or beside me to read books.  She flips to her favorite pages or hands me my own book to read while she reads hers, then decides my book is what she really wanted so she trades.  She’s very independent and bossy!  But she loves to sit face to face and sing songs or just talk.  Sometimes she’ll look right at me, tilt her head down a bit, get really quiet and say a long sentence of baby talk, keeping her chocolate brown eyes fixated on mine.  I just love that.

Mini also has a crazy good memory after learning people’s names.  Right now her favorite question is “who’s name?” as she points to someone she’s never met before.  She likes to call their name from across the parking lot (heard easily…for such a mini she has a surprisingly big voice!) and she is overjoyed to say hello to her friend.

And you should see her walk across our parking lot.  She leads me by the hand, not the other way around.  She is on a mission when she walks anywhere.  It’s hilarious.

Well, here.  I’ll show you.  This short video clip is me trying to keep up following Mini around our block to go to the park yesterday.

That video will make me laugh and laugh for a long time to come.  I hope she slows down just a little but I don’t expect for it to be before she turns 3, at least.  For now, I’m enjoying 2 years old and how a short-distance walk to the park is such a fun adventure.


7 thoughts on “Two and a Quarter

  1. She’s adorable! Love the squeaking shoes in the video. 🙂

    And oh, how I miss hearing “hold juu?”

  2. I was overwhelmed for you hearing her say, “Let’s go Mom, let’s go.” Were sweeter words ever spoken than “Mom, mommy, mother?” I think not… So grateful to have and be one!

  3. Oh, she is so precious. And I think I will have to call Mrs. Marcello, Ms. Celery now. That is really cute. She certainly does walk with a mission. You have such a beautiful and sweet little girl!

  4. She’s such a fun little girl. I’m determined to make sure my name is never spoken correctly. It’s soooo much cuter the way she says it now 🙂

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