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A Good Day

First, there was our homeschool group’s Young Author’s Day, which gave this rainy morning a bright start.  That and the sight of my favorite first grade author who picked out his “handsome” clothes for the occasion.

Young Author’s Day is one of my favorite events of the year.  The kids sit in a circle, take turns reading their book, story, or poem, and give each other positive feedback.

Max loved everything about writing the story, building the Legos for the illustrations, and making the book itself.  He dictated and I typed the words, then he re-typed them and cut them out for the pages and chose which scenes to photograph.  A great project for him!

He loved reading it in front of the class, too.  One of the boys in the circle said what he liked best was how Max could read upside-down, which made us all laugh.

Max, you are a great author!  I really liked your story and I’m very proud of how hard you worked on your book!

Mini also participated in Young Author’s Day.  She and her friend were the only preschoolers who attended but they read, too.

But mostly they played…which was fine with me because I was exhausted from watching them read.

Besides, it appeared that Mini had an important phone call to make.


The other reason that made this a good day is the news that I got from my follow-up appointment at the eye doctor.  It has been five months since my last cornea scratch (I recalled what that day was like…my birthday at Disney World the day before a kidney stone attack…eek!).

He checked my eyes thoroughly and the news is, there is no news!  I no longer have any erosions or defects in my cornea and no further treatment is necessary.  I’ll keep using ointment (Muro 128) at night and use the eye drops when I feel like my eyes are getting dry, but other than that I just need to follow-up in 6 months.  I can’t tell you, after an entire year of dealing with this, how HAPPY THIS MAKES ME.

I can tell the difference just by these pictures, can you?  The one below was taken in November on a day when my eyes were giving me fits (no real scratch, just a feeling I got used to on a regular basis).  I couldn’t even look in the mirror long enough to put on make-up.  I needed this kid to keep a smile on my face!!

So, yeah, today was a very good day.  A day worthy of one of these.

How about you?  Was your day worthy of a make-your-own sundae with the ice-cream dishes from the top shelf of the cabinet?  I hope so.


7 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. I must say it has been an honor to have my life story told by such an amazing author. I was hessitant at first when Max approached me, but after he explained the way my story could touch others lives, I knew it must be told. I got choked up as I read the novel, it was like I was right back there. It was very emotional. “The Little Old Man” has changed my life. Which is weird because it was about my life. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Max’s future work. By the way, I have the same suit that Max is wearing, minus the hat. My cat now has my hat.

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