What’s the Definition of Definition?

I somehow edited some photos.  I’m not that experienced using the iPhoto editing software (or any editing software) and I don’t have any idea what the terms really mean.  I just played around with stuff and thought I’d share my before and after editing pics with ya.

The first time I viewed the photos of M & M on the ride together I let out this worrisome sound and Mike asked me what was wrong.  It was the sound of instantly feeling choked-up and thankful for everything I had in life.  Like, I could have seriously bawled my eyes out right then and there.  I was overwhelmed with thankfulness that the kids sitting in that balloon ride were my kids.  You know? Mine.

I knew these photos belonged on display in our home.  I have a picture frame that I bought at Pier 1 (my favorite store) and it holds 3 pictures and I thought it would be perfect for them.  So I excitedly uploaded and picked up the photos from Target today, but thought they were kinda reddish.  Too reddish.

But what do you think of this first one now, after I played around with the editing?



Here are the other two that I tweaked.

I also changed this one




4 thoughts on “What’s the Definition of Definition?

  1. Great job! I think you were right. The first one was a little red. And I like how you cropped Mike out of the last one (sorry Mike). It puts the focus all on Mini and makes it look like she had the carousel all to herself. And of course, her expression is priceless.

  2. Such an improvement and SO FRAME WORTHY! You’ve encouraged me to get on the ball with photo editing. My boy is a whiz at PhotoShop and even though we own it and he’s tried to give me lessons, they don’t usually end well. I think he feels the way I felt when I was teaching him to read … “WHAT DON’T YOU GET ABOUT THIS?” Haha…

    Those pictures are precious and the last one is … too die for! I sometimes experience the same feeling of being completely overwhelmed at the thought of being a mother. As much as I loved being the mother of a baby, toddle, little one, I have to admit that seventeen is awesome! Sometimes I think that maybe the Lord allowed motherhood to come a little bit harder for me so that I would never take it for granted. And … I don’t!

    Thank you for sharing!

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