Six Flags

Wow, Six Flags was not crowded at all (we lucked out again with no lines at a theme park) and we enjoyed a fun-filled day with the kids.

Now, I should be up front and tell you that the first 30 minutes were lame and Mike vowed that he would never pay to come back to this park ever again.  As the planner of the day, I tried not to take that personally (kudos to me and my progress) but there was no reading between the lines, his anger was directed at Six Flags, not me.

There’s not a lot that angers Mike; he pretty much always keeps his cool (his wife, of course, knows what buttons to push).  I will tell you that one of the things that truly irritates him is being lied to.  Big or small, when something is advertised as opening in Summer 2010 and has raised a level of excitement in his children and we detour a few times in the hot sun to find, it burns him to see this:

Why all the marketing, Six Flags, to something that is still UNDER FUNSTRUCTION?  I have not researched every page on their website, but a picture of jolly ol’ (or is it whiney?) Thomas the Tank Engine on their kiddie ride page is enough to say it’s heavily marketed in my book.  It was on the maps, on the signs, etc, etc, etc.  I’d like to call a board meeting and discuss how this affected me and the ones I love.

I’d also like to air my concern over opening a ride like Bumper Cars when the cars don’t go bump.  They hardly moved.  That’s not a lot of fun, Six Flags, so let’s work on that okay?

After the bumper cars and only one ride (which was an epic fail — yeah, I keep up) under our belt, we were hungry for lunch.  We paid a whopping $50 on cheeseburgers and chicken strips and sodas/water for the four of us (this included a kid’s souvenir lunch box with a bunch of snacky things for Mini…that did last the whole day).

Once we ate, we were ready to give this park another chance.

Well, you know how fried food can be good for you.  The rest of the day was just about perfect.  We walked to the other kiddie ride area (Max’s top priority) and both kids had a blast together.  We stayed there for a long time, took in a show with Bugs Bunny and friends, and rode the carousel and antique cars too.

Max had vocally decided before coming that he was not going to ride any roller coaster (in spite of multiple requests because I really wanted to ride one) but Mike and I took turns taking him on some spinning rides, which he thought were awesome.

The best thing he loved, however, was standing on the splash deck so he could get soaked.  While Mike and Mini watched him do that over and over, I ran to ride a roller coaster by myself.  I rocked the front car.

When I came back, I heard all about this scene

and was treated to a play-by-play of what it was like up on the splash deck.

So, even with the first 30 minutes of the day a bit disappointing, our time at Six Flags was really fun and I think I got a few new photos to frame.


2 thoughts on “Six Flags

  1. I’d say you have LOTS of pictures to frame. I love the one of Max’s arm around Mini in the balloon ride and the one of mini on the carousel. I’ve never been to six flags. But, when we do go, the Thomas section better be open… I’m just sayin’ 🙂

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