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Two Kids and a Pizza Place

We are wrapping up the school year right about now.  We’ll probably continue with a little work each day until the end of May, but I’m making room in the schedule for more and more fun.  Days in the sun (I need it, you saw my arm!) and field trips are taking priority over written work.  In first grade, that’s the way it should be this time of year.

Yesterday we went on a field trip to the California Pizza Kitchen.  I was super impressed – they gave us a tour of the restaurant and free make-your-own pizzas, too.  The managers were great with kids.  The manager pictured here was funny, and gave facts and numbers that would boggle your mind if you weren’t in the restaurant biz, and simply knew how to lead a large group of shy kids.

And one or two not-so-shy ones.

That’s Max in the brown striped hoodie…saluting the managers.


Yeah, his friends are used to his ways.  The things he does are just “Max” things, quirks if you will.  He stands out from the crowd and does his own thing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another example.

Hey kids, show us your hands that you just washed.

Hey Max, show us your clean hands

Okay, you see what I mean.  We love this about Max.

For more pictures and his “assignment” following the field trip, check out Max’s blog.

(sorry for the abrupt endings the last few posts…we’re in the middle of watching The Unit and Lost.  And Mike is calling me so gotta go.)


7 thoughts on “Two Kids and a Pizza Place

  1. Yeah, they were fantastic. We were there right before opening so they were busy in the back, but all the staff still went out of their way to make it a great experience.

  2. Max saluted me during “greeting” time at church a few weeks ago and it made my morning! He’s such an awesome kid.

  3. Okay, a CPK field trip was way more educational than our K class trip to Mario’s. I wish we had a CPK here…

    I like the way Max expresses himself. 😉

  4. Last week I called everyone “Chief” out of the blue, so this week, I will adopt ‘the salute’ in honor of your boy whose antics delight me!

  5. Max and That Other Kid would get along WELL together! So ya’ll need to come to Dallas sometime soon so we can get them together! Of course, I would love to come to DC to visit ya’ll but I don’t see that happening anytime soon!

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