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What Else

Yesterday I woke up with what I suspected was appendicitis.  I know.  Mike asked if he should take me to the doctor but I didn’t feel that bad at 9:00 so I asked him to go to work.  By 10:30, though, I called him to come back home and get me.  By then I had a fever and knew for sure I wasn’t well and feeling worse so my doctor said to go to the ER.

Depression set in.  I didn’t want this.  Not another trip to that place and definitely, absolutely, not surgery.  I’ve had enough of days like this – I’ve been to the ER four times in the past 18 months for a broken foot, scratched cornea (twice), and a kidney stone.  (I know people who are going through much worse…I’m sorry to complain.)

God turned around my pity party.  I think that was the first answered prayer of the day.  I knew people were praying for me and I could say, to mis-quote Pam from Dunder-Mifflin: I feel God in this emergency room.

Mike had me laughing a lot (ouch! he showed no mercy) with Office quotes.

The second answered prayer was my fever had gone down on its own within a couple of hours.

The third answered prayer was for a great doctor who quickly prescribed Morphine.  Beautiful, sweet, juice that it is.  It made my pain completely disappear.  Plus I got a dose of anti-nausea meds, too.

The fourth answered prayer was this berry goodness.

I had to drink this contrast and wait 90 minutes before having a CT scan to rule out appendicitis.  It was the first thing I had to eat/drink all day and by now, since I wasn’t in any pain or feeling nauseated, I was incredibly thirsty.  I thought it hit the spot.  Obviously, I was a little loopy.

The biggest answered prayer of all was my CT results came back negative for appendicitis.  Never mind.  No surgery needed, have a nice day.   So although just hours earlier we all were convinced that’s what it was, I was given my papers to go home.

There’s not a clear explanation for the pain – at least the location of the pain – but I do have a mild UTI (TMI?) so I’ll be feeling better in no time.


7 thoughts on “What Else

  1. Did you really have your camera with you in the Emergency Room? 🙂

    Glad it wasn’t anything serious and you’re feeling better. Happy juice (not the kind in a cup) is quite a blessing.

  2. Oh my goodness–that must have been so scary. Thank goodness for morphine and berry slushies! I’m glad it wasn’t appendecitis and certainly hope those symptoms do not return.

    What a good blogger you are to have your camera and snap pics during your ordeal. 🙂

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