Stories about Emmie

I Spy: Mini

I spy a favorite nook.

I love love love watching her from a distance when she plays in here.  She puts Bunny or her dolly into the bassinet, takes her out, gives her a hug and says “I gotchoo” then puts her back in bed.  {Melt}

I spy a 2 year-old who knows her way around an iPhone (those aren’t iPhones; they are photo albums of Mini, right?)  And her way onto Aunt Jen’s lap any chance she can get.

I spy an Owibia dress.

What is an Owibia dress?  It’s a dress that Livi (aka Olivia or Owibia) bought her “just because.”  Mini loves it and when I put it on her, she wanted to show Daddy how pretty she was in her dress.

Oh, the way daughters change their daddies into men who gush over pretty purple dresses with butterflies.

I spy a picture that makes me smile.


3 thoughts on “I Spy: Mini

  1. That dress was simply made for Mini. I couldn’t possibly pass it up! And iPhones were made for her, too, weren’t they? “I see Mini?” I can’t get enough of her cheesy grin, so she can take pictures on my iPhone all she wants 🙂

  2. There is something so precious about “Mini”… She knows how to touch a person’s heart without even knowing it!! She sure softened Sam’s…

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