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Springtime at the Townhouse

This is our house, the place we’ve called home for over 10 years.  Yeah, I know, I need to get to that flower bed (look, I don’t even have time to pick up the newspaper, how would I have time to plant some flowers?) but isn’t our little townhouse cozy?

We love it and hope to be here for a long time.  Sure, it’s small, storage has to be, um, creative, but it’s perfect for our little family and it’s especially perfect in the Springtime.

Max has his bike run, the same one for the past three years, in fact.

Mini has her bubble step to sit on.

And there’s this huge mountain practically in our own back yard.

How can you ask for anything more?

(that last pic was the inspiration for this post.  Max wanted me to bring the camera to take a picture of him mountain biking.)


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