Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk

I’m a little late but I had to tell you a few things that Max and Mini are saying and doing.  Like I said before, without Mary’s carnival, Tiny Talk Tuesday, I would forget all these cute things.

Mini’s word for SpongeBob is “Some Bob.”

She named Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales, “Bobby.”  She often changes words to have a -y ending and has done this for months.

She calls guacamole, “mock-a-moly”!! (with lots of expression)


Max (7) gets to read in bed for a while at night with a flashlight but the batteries died and we didn’t have any more.  He sadly told me, “welp, I was gunna have a reading festival for my animals but I guess I have to cancel.”


At the top of the slide at Chick-fil-A yesterday, Max noticed a little boy pushed Mini.  I forgot his exact words but he was such a protective big brother and mighty proud of himself.  Don’t tell him the boy was probably 18 months old 🙂


I get asked all the time how Max and Mini get along.  They play together and laugh but the fighting and bothering and “mine mine mine” has started.  And the poking for no reason at all.


Mrs. Phillips is the name of my friend who fixed Mini’s arm the other night.  Mini loves her so much and only let out a little cry when she was doing the repositioning maneuver.  She trusted her and was nicely distracted by someone who KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING (who me? bitter toward the ER doc?)

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I was saying short prayers with Mini at bedtime.  Just short “thank you God for…” prayers.  Mini piped up for the first time with her own prayer, “God…Mrs. Phillips.”  Her articulation was perfect.  It was SO CUTE.

Mrs. Phillips gave Mini a puppy dog stuffed animal to take home with her.  She has paired her with Cow when she plays with her animals.  I took this picture and will give her a copy when I see her at our Care group tomorrow night.

For more Tiny Talk, click on over to Mary’s blog at Not Before 7.  Don’t forget to record what your kids are saying this week and link up (better late than never, like me).


Check out Max’s homeschooling blog if you have a chance…


4 thoughts on “Tiny Talk

  1. Too cute. 🙂 I love the “mock-a-moly!” Also love the picture of Max with swords stuck in the back of his shirt. Looks just like our house!

  2. Tell Mini mock-a-moly is my favorite too! And tell Max, WAY TO GO on protecting Mini. When my sister was a little older than Mini, we were at McDonalds and this boy pushed her and I saw. As soon as I saw that, I chased him up the slide and threw him in the ball pit. lol Its an important job. lol

  3. That mock-a-moly sounds really good 🙂 We visited Max’s sight too and found your videos. Madeline and I watched them for a long time. She kept asking for more. 🙂

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