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Scooter Boot

I thought I’d share this video with you of my children riding around on scooters.  The tallest child (that would be Mike) is having the best time of all.

This video is less than a minute so please, please watch it.  Then tell me if you don’t see a strong willed child in those pink winter boots that she insisted on wearing for this gorgeous Spring day.

Parenting advice welcome.


7 thoughts on “Scooter Boot

  1. Put your foot HERE, Daddy, right HERE!

    Too cute. Some day that strong will WILL come in handy. (That’s what I keep telling myself about my two little bosses, anyway!)

  2. I think you should let her wear the boots! Last summer Joseph decided to wear heavy denim pants and winter boots to the park even though it was 85 degrees. Good thing he did, too–he had a run-in with a copperhead which could have been much worse, had he not been wearing thick layers of clothing.

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