Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom


On Friday Max hit a bump in his awesome homeschool week.  It was okay, though, because his trouble-making antics landed him a job collecting dead leaves in the garden.  A win for me because, hey, I didn’t have to do it (but actually I did it alongside him.  And we had a good talk.)

Afterwards, we went to Target and he was an angel.  And after that he did all his schoolwork outside on the sunny deck.  Win, win.

On Friday night I attended a local homeschool fair with a friend.  I stuck to my budget and bought some essential things for next year: Math, games, phonics and Discovery Toys to keep Mini busy and having fun during school time.

Max was up when I got home and he couldn’t wait to see what I bought.  He actually said the words, “can I see the math book?”  Looking it over like some kind of professor with bifocals on the tip of his nose, he said, “yep, that’s good. What else did you get me?”  Ha, I call that a win.  Or he’s figuring out what works in getting to stay up later.  Let’s just call that a win, too.  He’s got the smarts.

Friday night I was up all night with Mini, who came down with some sort of stomach bug.  I’m telling you, I am a deep sleeper but there’s a supernatural instinct that awakens me right away when one of my kids barfs.  I don’t know?  Win?  Why can’t Mike have this?

Poor Mini, she had an awful weekend.  First, the throwing up.  Then the bland diet that she hated the next day.  Then her mommy accidentally pulling her elbow out of its socket while we played a game of hide and go seek in her room.  I was trying to seek silly ways to get her in the crib and she was trying to hide from me.

Yep, I did that.  I sent her straight to the ER on a perfectly good sunny Sunday afternoon.

Our visit to the ER was horrific.  Long story short, I should’ve called a friend who is a Physicians Assistant in the ER across town.  But I didn’t want to bother a friend on a perfectly good Sunday afternoon.

Thankfully, this friend told me I better bother her from now on.   After I posted on Facebook and people started praying, I had the idea (!) to call her.  I told her that Mini was still hurting and not using her right arm and she knew exactly what that meant.   She welcomed Mini and me at her front door at 9:30 at night, sat us down in a chair in her kitchen, and took care of business.  In less than 5 seconds, Mini was pain-free and we ended up having an unexpected girls night as we waited for her to once again use her right arm.  Which was such an unbelievable moment of celebration.  Win.

How can today end up as a win?

I don’t know but God seems to do that.

Mini fell asleep in the car and when I woke her up, she was obviously dreaming.  She piped up and asked,  “we go beach?” and started singing, “Sunny Days…”


6 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. I’m so sorry about Mini’s arm and your awful ER visit! Why is it that ER’s are so often awful? So thankful you have a friend who knew just what to do. Yep, God seems to do that a lot. 🙂 Hope you guys have a great week!

  2. Sounds like a rough day! Glad Miss Mini is ok now and that the ending was sweet!!

    (I have a couple of friends that have had this happened with their kiddos elbows. It is very common, so hope you are not feeling bad! Once it happens once, it is much easier to do it again, so be careful! And get your friend to show you how to pop it back in yourself! 🙂 )

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