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Two Curious

I’m happy to report that we’ve had two days of homeschooling awesomeness.  I am resolved to find that peaceful easy feeling in the midst of madness and so far, so good.  Thank you for your ongoing encouragement as I bare my insecurities before you.  Like I said, we’ve had two really great days in a row so I’m glad I did.  Thanks for the prayers.

On that note, here are some recent photos that have absolutely nothing to do with homeschooling.  They are just random pics I took as I stalk Mini with the camera.  She is growing up so fast.

Mini is hilarious with her boots/shoes.  I’d say that her basket of shoes holds her favorite things to play with during the day, next in line to her bunnies,

her blankets,

and our portable DVD player which she isn’t allowed to touch.

Speaking of touching.

That’s so much less worrisome than when I upload my pictures from my camera.  Evidence that someone has been touching it when Mommy wasn’t looking.

Oh, I’ll lay off.  She’s just curious.  It’s cute, right?  Right? Well, you can remind me of that next time I am cleaning up crayon or pen scribbles or forget the mess she’s capable of making in the bathroom when I leave for two minutes.

That was not pretty nor worthy of a picture.

She’s a busy, busy girl.  Full of personality and out to have a good time.

Like brother, like sister.

She is mini, only weighing something like 23 or 24 pounds, but she shares her brother’s philosophy of Go Big or Go Home.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


8 thoughts on “Two Curious

  1. OH! She is so cute! I mean, really SO cute! 🙂 Anna, I don’t know how you juggle homeschooling and a 2 yr old! WAY TO GO MOMMA!! Keep it up!

  2. Oh my goodness … this post just delighted me!

    I’m so far removed from those sweet, balance challenging days that I just laughed and laughed…

    This too shall pass, and oh so quickly, Mama!

  3. Oh, I think I’m going to cry over John’s comment (and I agree with him so much!). 🙂

    Love those self-portraits – awesome!

    Also really like the way you lead into that pic of her with the DVD player! That girl makes me want a two year old . . . and that’s sayin’ a lot!

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