Sleep. Need Sleep.

What do purple nail polish, a No.2 from the drive-thru for dinner, Skittles for dessert, loud pop music, and a crick in my neck have in common?

Saturday night, that’s what.  I kissed my family goodnight, packed my sleeping bag and pillow and stayed up really late with 8 giggling jr. high girls for a sleepover.

It was so much fun.  Hey, I learned a few new dance moves.  After it was all said and done, now I can tell you I know how to throwdown a hoedown.  (Not really.)  (Not at all.)

But they loved that I tried.

No pictures of that, thank goodness.

After 5 hours of sleep (pretty good, don’t you think?) and a breakfast of Skittles and a cake donut (breakfast of champions), we drove the girls to church and I taught Sunday School.  For 3-4 year olds.

Talk about throwing myself down.  Mercy.

After that, we had a church picnic (with a moonbounce), then youth group (with my kids in attendance…still bouncing), and then we came home to deliver on a promise we made earlier to Max for a family Wii night.

I’ll be back when I recover.


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