Such great memories this Easter Sunday.

Some delightful.

Some amusing.

Some long-awaited. (I’ve been trying to get a family picture for months.)

Some sweet and delicious and non-chocolaty (although many memories do include chocolate).

Some precious.

Some thoughtful.

Some introspective.

Some not.

Some dramatic.

Some calm and peaceful.

Some day.

Today I felt it.  The feeling of being blessed with friends, family, and an incredible church family, too.   How awesome it is that I have the chance to worship in my old high school, remembering who I was back then and who I am now.  And then being with family all day long, thankful for the love that they give so unconditionally.

What a great day of memories. And on the day when we stop and think about how much has been given to us by the One who gave it all.  He is Risen!

Happy Easter.


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