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Airport Adventures

Mike is home and all the people in this home are very, very happy.

Exhausted.  But happy.

Wrangling kids at the airport is always fun.  We got there early, way too early.  But we had our homemade signs that said Welcome Home Daddy, complete with hand tracings, scribbles, and who-knows-what.  Max’s sign was written in code but he was so excited about it and even Scotch taped a pencil so Dad could decode it as soon as he got off the plane.

Max was like, “we need to rehearse holding up our signs when Dad comes.” He doesn’t say Daddy anymore and it makes me sad.  Mini was paying close attention to everything Max said.  She liked so much feeling part of everything.  That and the snack mix we bought at the newsstand were the only things keeping her content in the stroller.

After a trip to the potty – further evidence that airports are a signal to the my kids’ bowels to kick into gear – we waited some more at the customs gate.  The crowd finally thinned out and we got some front row action, waiting for that big moment to hold up our signs.

Is he here yet??

Here he comes!  Max!  Mini!  Hold up your sign just like we rehearsed.

Max held up his sign backwards (lol)

After a wowzer of a smooch to his (once, perhaps sometime earlier in the day before sharing time in a stall with two poopers) attractive wife, Mike gave his full attention to Max and Mini.  He is such a great dad and tried hard to listen to every word of a very long explanation of the cryptic poster.

Meanwhile, Mini was tugging at his sweatshirt, desperately wanting out of her stroller, and I was picking up the trail of snack mix that she just dumped on the floor.  While simultaneously trying to take pictures and preserve this precious homecoming memory.

It was a hairy time for a blogger.

Whew.  We made it to the car and out of the parking lot.  That was another misadventure all in itself.

We hit heavy traffic on the way home but it was good to hear about the trip and convenient for me that it was 6:30 when we got home.  Too late to cook, right?  Mike was craving a big fat burger anyway, so I volunteered to make a Five Guys run.  It’s just the selfless kind of wife I am.

At 7:30, I put Mini to bed, and at 7:31 I lied down and took a deep breath.  And I woke up an hour later.

Now, I’m still exhausted but not sleepy at all.

But very happy that Mike is home safe and sound.  And very happy about that smooch, I must say.


5 thoughts on “Airport Adventures

  1. Glad Mike is home….we are always glad at our house when Daddy comes home too!

    I have to confess I was more sad when my kids started calling me “mom” than when they started saying “dad”. 😉

    And…I’m sorry about leaving you hanging about Casa Rio over at my blog! I’m really trying to get caught up – really I am! Want me to go ahead and spill the beans now, or wait ’til I get the next post done? 🙂

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