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Random Pictures

Max designed his own board game (inspired by the new games featured in the Lego catalog) and we played it last night.  He was so proud of it and we had a lot of fun.  The object is to move your guy towards the Temple but your opponent can use their spare pieces to block your path.  The hand has nothing to do with the game, that’s merely there to serve as a cool background for the photo shoot.

We read about the Census and filled out our form as part of school and it led to a great discussion about race, adoption, and what the word biological means.

Max and the twins playing Clue, Jr.  I know I’ll be including this one in our Time Capsule.

This one, too.  This picture was taken on Science Night and Max did great with his “what am I?” presentation.  He loves being up on stage and he picked out his outfit himself (he’s wearing a hoodie and a flannel plaid shirt and a loose tie.  After the presentations, we went downstairs to see all the displays and hands-on stuff.  It was a fun night for our homeschool group and the emcee was great.


One thought on “Random Pictures

  1. My son was sitting here as I read this post. He really liked the Lego game, and said he wanted to play it! He kept telling me to go back up to that picture!

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