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Remember, Hair is Important

So I watched TV last night until way too late.  Wasted brain cells from Shear Genius but I laughed silly when I heard their sign-off at the end.  All together now, sad and slow, “remember, hair is important.” What kind of line is that? A dumb one, that’s what.  Did that stop me from watching the next episode.  Nope.  I was drunk on the power of the remote.

Maybe that’s why I also watched Addicted and Hoarding before crying myself over to HGTV for therapy.   I feel like I needed to share how eclectic my first night of television was with all of you.  Here’s hoping for better selections tonight.

No scrapbooking was done, by the way.

Shear Genius was not a total waste.  It reminded me that I needed to get haircuts scheduled in time for Easter so that’s what we did today.

Wow.  What a great transition!

Mini loved that zebra drape but what she loved more was the attention she got from the stylist.  Karen, who has cut my hair for 16 years, has wanted to see Mini in that chair since the day I brought my sweet little Asian beauty in to show her off to all the ladies in the shop.  Karen was there for me through all the ups and downs of our adoption wait before Mini was born and she was SO excited to meet her.  And so excited about the straight sheen that was destined to be in her future.

Max (in the background) wasn’t so fond of that zebra drape and today he wasn’t at all patient with the clippers.  Uh-oh.  But this is exactly why I don’t even try to cut hair at home.  In a week or so, I bet his haircut will look better.

Just in time for Easter.

(p.s.  I forgot…tonight Mini was playing hairdresser with me and she walked around me with a brush and said, “cute!” and “pretty!”  It’s fun having a girl!

(p.s.s Max got in trouble for raising his voice at sweet Karen, “I thought you said you were almost done!”  It’s fun having a boy…)


3 thoughts on “Remember, Hair is Important

  1. OK, I need the hairdresser’s name and number. Mini’s hair is adorable. I’ve been wanting to give Madeline a cute, short do (sp?) for the spring and summer.

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