Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Oh, Mini.

She is saying so many new and adorably cute things.  What would I do without Tiny Talk Tuesday to remind me to keep a record of them?

This week she is answering our questions with an enthusiastic, “yes sir!” and “no sir!”   Except in her 2 year old voice it’s, “yesSAHH!” or “noSAHH!”  Definitely with that exclamation point.

She cracks me up with how she says “hi” to inanimate objects.  She’s at that fun stage of asking, “what’s this?” for everything and if it’s the first time she hears the word, she’ll greet it.  “What’s this?”  “Oh, hi tulip.”

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3 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. I’m gonna make sure the “Hey, Franco!” thing sticks every time she sees a picture of James Franco. That’s my goal with this child 😉

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