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You Capture: Reaching

This theme and these pictures are apropos to how I’m feeling as a mom this month.  Max has been challenging me in new (and old, actually) ways and I keep thinking, “man, if only I knew what I was reaching for here was really what I should be reaching for.”  That’s too vague, I know, but I am processing so much right now I don’t even know how to explain it other than compare it to these pictures.

Some days I grab on and it’s the best feeling in the whole world knowing that an effort paid off.   But maybe I’m supposed to miss that bar sometimes, even in spite of the effort.  Maybe I’m better off falling down so that I depend on the One who will lift me up again.  Maybe I’d be a better mom if I didn’t think I could reach it on my own in the first place.

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6 thoughts on “You Capture: Reaching

  1. Ugh, being a mom is a challenge for me everyday. I’m reaching for those days when it gets easier (hopeful). I love the bright blue sky in your photos, looks like a gorgeous day.

  2. I think we’ve all had days/weeks/months like those. Just when I think we’ve overcome some of those parenting challenges, my kids find some new way to challenge me and I’m reaching up to God with prayers to guide me again.
    Great captures!

  3. I’m really “reaching” for ways to be a good mom these days. I feel that I am failing miserably, too. Not enough hours in my day to tackle even the most mundane tasks.

  4. Yes, absolutely. I don’t know why I (we) don’t stop trying to reach on our our much earlier so we don’t HAVE to ever fall. Great angle, in more ways than one. Love your interpretation.

  5. Oh my goodness do I understand. Every day I feel as though my 3 year old challenges me to keep reaching and reaching to be a better parent, to be patient, to be tolerant. Your photos are a great metaphor.

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