Just For Fun

The Fridge

As random as can be, let’s take a look at what’s currently taking up prime real estate on The Fridge this evening.

(you know how I like to cover up a post that I just wrote on the deeper side with another one that’s just as lighthearted as can be.  It’s a defense mechanism.   Plus, isn’t it fun to learn something new about me??)

First, you learn that I’m a slob.  But other than that, let me tell you about:

A)  This is a senior picture of Livi, one of my former jr. highers who still talks to me AND even reads my blog everyday.  Thus the placement in the upper left corner of The Fridge.

B) Container Store receipt from December.  Evidence of an impulsive purchase that needs to go back.  As you can see, I’m in a hurry to do that.

C) A magnet that Max made when he was 2 1/2 when Nana and I took him to a class at a nature center about frogs.

D) Marshanda’s profile (our Compassion child I told you about)

E) A list of Mini’s first words.  The last one recorded in September.  Pre-vocabulary explosion.

F) Max’s and my NCAA tournament bracket.  We won’t even try to pretend we know much about the teams but it’s exciting that both Maryland and Baylor are in.  Of course, they are in our Final Four.

G) Max’s spontaneous piece of art.  Love that.

H) Mike won the Spirit Award at the martial arts academy for 2009.  He has a “super winning attitude.”  I’ve been trying to work this in a post for weeks now!  Both Max and Mike earned their yellow-with-black-stripe sashes this week and I’m a proud mom and wife.

I) Our big March Madness outreach event is coming up this weekend in Junior High.  Can’t wait!

J) The pop-pop art that used to have real m&m’s glued on it.  Mini loves to count these almost as much as she liked to sneak one of those m&m’s in her mouth.  Sometimes there are 7 and sometimes there are 9 or 11 but she always finds out there is a different number.  She’s so cute.  Not to worry, I hear glue sticks now have DHA and Omega-3 🙂

K) Of course, we have the annoying singing letters and animals.  Will I miss them when she grows out of this stage?  Probably, if I were to be honest.

L) This is all the stuff that I throw up on top and forget about.  For weeks upon weeks. That container of Play-doh is going to be opened again someday.

M) Finally, this is where I keep the broom that leans up against the fridge but doesn’t rest for long on any given day.  It deserves to be mentioned since I’ve talked about The Broom a lot in the past year.  Still missing our Dustbuster-esque beagle who gave me the unconditional gift of not having to sweep my floors before the year 2007.

So what’s on your fridge that tells something about you?

Do share.

Edited to add:  I forgot N, didn’t I?

N) Lemons and some random change on the counter.  Now, why did I label that again??  I have no clue.

Now you really know all there is to know about me.

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “The Fridge

  1. I’m honored to hold a place on The Fridge 🙂 And I remember reading that adorable list of Mini’s first words! She’s added quite a few more to her vocabulary since then haha

  2. Now that’s a fun post!! My fridge looks similar….lots of art projects, a calendar with way too many committments and lots of abc letters trying to form words without the proper letters!!

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