Luck of the Procrastinator

St. Patrick’s Day didn’t start off the way I had envisioned it – nothing green at all for breakfast – we read a book and Max and I discussed it over the noise of Mini twirling and singing around the living room and trying on different pair of shoes (with plenty of commentary).  Then we all got dressed in green and Max found a pot of gold in his closet he had no idea existed: an Army Man shirt.

Handed down a few months ago in a bag of clothes from a friend, I probably shoulda pointed it out to him then, before his latest growth spurt (5 meals a day, people!) but that’s okay.  I think today is the first day of many that he’ll be wearing this and it’s going to be a rolled-up short sleeve version come summer.

Anyway, we had to take the book back to the library because it was due (I plan well for being such a procrastinator, huh? We actually read the book ON the holiday AND the day it was due).

I didn’t plan, however, to find out when we arrived that the library was closed on Wednesdays until 1:00.

Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to walk around the town square and managed to kill an hour and a half with no problem at all.

Once we walked back to the library, it seemed we had already covered an entire day’s worth of learning. We discussed everything from what a legend is to how you know if you have a concussion.  Max was in a talkative mood simply because he loves any holiday but he also had the unfortunate luck of running into a pole on the way.



Anyway, the library was just icing on the green frosted cake.  Yep, it was a great homeschooling day.


5 thoughts on “Luck of the Procrastinator

  1. We should have come and joined you at the library. 🙂 And no, you can’t hire me. But, I would love to take pictures of your kids or family so that I could get some more practice. If Mini is anything like Madeline, it might be hard work. But, I am willing to give it a try 🙂

  2. First of all, I love your sunglasses! Second of all, I have a little present for Mini inspired by this beautiful weather 🙂 I’ll give it to her Friday!

  3. I love the picture of you and Mini!! Assuming that Max took the picture he takes pictures the same way ThatOtherKid does!! Sounds like the day turned out to be a perfectly educational day, with lots of PE time!

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