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A Bright Sunshiny Day

Last week it seemed that every single day handed me a Go Back to Bed card for one reason or another.  I can’t remember everything that happened – although one memory of taking Mini to the dentist and realizing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her pants comes to mind.  Potty training took a major U-turn last week, also, so the timing of going commando wasn’t in my favor.

But this week?  Oh, dear Lord, thank you for a new week.

For new shoes that turn my mood around.

Last year I wasn’t at all prepared for the return of vibrant 80’s/90’s colors on footwear.   But this pine green that looks reminiscent of my dark teal prom dress makes me feel good.  I can’t believe I put all those thoughts in the same sentence because clearly, they don’t belong together.  But it’s true; I feel kicky in these Chucks.

I’m thankful for the first round of warm weather this Spring.  Glorious blue skies, warm sunshine, t-shirts, kicky sneakers, and impromptu picnics at the park.

Max wasn’t ready for that picture.  But boy was he happy about the plans for McDonald’s and a trip to the park.  It turns out he is really motivated to finish his school work when visions of french fries and tire swings are put in his head.

Mini was in her element, as well.  She does love a french fry, but not too many were eaten before she declared she was full.  No time to sit and eat on the blanket when there are slides to ride.  Just grab a McNugget and go.

It was so much fun seeing Max and Mini play together at the park.  There’s 5 1/2 years between them, but it didn’t seem to matter one bit.

As you can see, this week is looking pretty good!


10 thoughts on “A Bright Sunshiny Day

  1. Yeah yeah, I bent over and took the picture. After the vertigo settled, I decided to post it that way. How are you, Pam? I’ve missed you!

  2. What a fun squeal!!

    I have to say I’d finish my school work for french fries and chicken nuggets!

    Dig the new kicks too! 🙂

  3. So glad that the park was in your plans for this past week. The kids obviously had a great time! Commando trip to the dentist cracks me up, but I’m sure it wasn’t fun or funny for you!! Enjoy your sunny days, you deserve them after the winter you endured!

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