Five for Friday

1.   Well, hello March.  You came in unexpectedly.  Not that it’s springy yet but the snow is melting and the sun feels a little warmer than it did in February.  The ground is still very squishy and three feet of snow on top of my big azalea bush didn’t fare well.  It looks like an azalea bush donut is in front of our house, with the middle sunken in like that.  I wonder if it will grow back to normal or if I have to dig that thing up.

2.  Have I ever told you I have major insecurities about shopping in auto parts, hardware, and garden stores?  I mean, you could easily spend an hour in one of those places, looking over every detail written on the packaging of something, decide what you want, haul it a mile to the register, stand in line, barely avoid getting hit in the parking lot walking back to your car, squeeze in another errand, stop for a homespun milkshake at Chick-fil-A then go home and figure out that, aw MAN, you got the wrong item.  And now you’re bloated and have to go back to the store.

Anyway, today, I felt quite uneasy about walking into an auto parts place to buy a new headlight for our van.  I had the kids with me, which makes the whole insecurity thing feel like my Algebra 2 final exam all over again.  But the greatest thing happened.  Jake, the nice man who greeted us when we walked in, asked me what I needed and then he got it for me.  I was so happy that I went on and on to Max about how helpful he was.  Max was like, “Mom, the sign says ‘Help is Here,'” pointing to a big banner hanging from the ceiling.  Duh, Mom, of course he’s going to help.

The innocence of children is wonderful, isn’t it?

3.  I made a DVD on my Mac with all the short clips that I’ve posted on YouTube along with a slideshow of pictures taken in February.  February was an iconic month with all the snow, family togetherness, potty training, and Mini turning two, so it deserves to be preserved on DVD.  The slideshow has two songs and is almost 10 minutes long.  It starts off with This Day by Steven Curtis Chapman and when he sings “all Your mercies are new” this picture automatically came up.

It ends with the country song Keeper of the Stars, with the first line of “It was no accident, me finding you…” showing a picture of Mini and me at her party.  Sob.  Can you tell I’m emotionally attached to February?  And can you tell I don’t have any current music on my iPod?

Just to be clear, I usually don’t cry over slideshows.

Oh, that’s not true at all.  Especially ones with love songs and a steel guitar.

4.  I just want to always remember drawing pop-pops for Mini.  And m&m’s.  And chocolaty faces.

5.  And I always want to remember her this small, sitting here.  Asking for me to “pweeze” draw one more pop-pop.


5 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. I love that sweet picture of Mini’s feet. 🙂 And I love the snow picture with “all Your mercies are new”….very cool.

    Keeper of the Stars was the song for the first dance at my wedding! Even though it sounds like a love song, I remember way back when (waaaay back when) hearing that Tracy Byrd actually wrote it for his new baby daughter. How fitting! 🙂

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